I am a freelance photographer and photo editor based in Cologne, Germany.
I am open to any kind of collaboration and commissioned work.

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mail: info@frederikewetzels.de
mobile: 0049 1636331588
instagram: @frederikewetzels

people I have shot:
AnnenMayKantereit, Bilderbuch, Jan Böhmermann, Coma, Bruce Dickinson, Dolores Haze, Phil Collins, Stabil Elite, Helena Hauff, DJ Heroin, Linkoban, Neil Gaimann, Dua Lipa, Mac DeMarco, Me and My Drummer, Michael Mayer, Pantha du Prince, Ja, Panik, Laurie Penny, Ratking, Charlotte Roche, Roosevelt, Frank Schätzing, Helge Schneider, John J. Sulivan, Tourist, Gazelle Twin, Kid Simius, Slotface, The Slow Show, Margarete Stokowski, Peggy Sue, Veedel Kaztro, Vimes, Wandl, Woman, Wildes, Charli XCX, Zedd and many more.

clients I have worked with:
Aktion Mensch, Allegra, AOK, AD Architectural Digest, Asmara Records, Capital, Die Epilog, Donna, Emotion, Festivalguide, Gentle Rain, Galore, Humming Records, Intro, !K7 Records, KittoKattsu, Lloyd, Melting Pot Music, Missy Magazin, muelhausmoers, Musikexpress, Myself, Neon, Nido, Nyyukin, Onygo, Peek & Cloppenburg, Praise Mag, Refinery29UK, Rolling Stone, Spiegel, SpiegelWissen, Stern, SZ Publishing, Tapete Records, taz, Vice, Welt am Sonntag, Zeit, ZeitCampus, ZeitLeo, ZeitMagazin among others.

photo editing experience I have:
as a photo editor for Musikexpress, Rolling Stone (since 2019) and Praise Mag (since 2016), a lecturer for photo editing at the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund (since 2017), online photo editor for vogue.de (2019), photo editor and co-art director for Intro magazine and Festivalguide (2012 - 2018) and as an assistant photo editor for Neon magazine (2012). 

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